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Latest Version : 0.6
eMail :

Changes :

  • Added Friends Editor
  • Fixed bug causing the client to hang on kde session restore
  • Event browser now saves the listview layout

What is this?

KLiveJournal is a KDE client primarily for the site but it should work with any other journal provider that uses the software from as long as it supports challenge/response authentication.
Currently it supports all meta informations like current moode,current music or current location as well as tags. Additionally it supports the check friends feature and has fast server support (both require a paid account).
It also features simple HTML syntax highlighting, spell checking an drag&drop support for links.

What do I need?

KLiveJournal requires KDE 3.4. Binary packages are available here. If those do not work for you, you will have to build from source. In this case you need the development files for Qt3.3 and the KDE libs.
A compiler is also a good idea. Additionally you might need Autoconf 2.5 and Automake 1.6.


Extract the archive and build with
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

Please note, that --prefix=/usr is optional. If omitted the default location /usr/local will be used. This however will put the installation files somewhere into the depths of /usr/local where they might not be in your search path. The most noticable effects are the absence of the toolbars and icons.

After installation KLiveJournal should show up in the Internet folder of your KDE menu.

If you want to send a bugreport or if you have ideas to improve KLiveJournal e-mail me!